Our Story

Christine and I (Keith) have been in retail for over 15 years operating a newsagency and gift store in Cairns.

We enjoy travel, but are not site seeing tourists, rather we like to
put our feet up and enjoy the local restaurants and bars. 

Our time to relax !

In 2014 at the insistence of my Sister, we took a holiday to Bali and fell in love with the people and Island.  We have been going back sometimes twice a year since.

On one of the trips in 2018 we purchased some homewares which we brought back with us as air freight.  We continued this practice on each trip thereafter.

On a trip in July 2019 where we met up with my Son and his family, along with some of his American friends, we stayed at Villa Anam where we got to know the local manager, I Komang Nala who assisted us in sourcing product from the local artisans.  Nala is a wonderful young man with amazing local knowledge, who continues to go out of his way to help up.

Nala is about 32 years old and an absolute gentleman.  We met his wife on this last visit.  She does not speak much English, but is a teacher, but she could pick up on our discussions over dinner, particularly when he fibbed about his age !!!

They have strong family bonds.  Their eldest daughter (2nd on the right) is actually his brothers child to another woman.  His brother lives with Nala.

After returning to Australia following a trip in March 2020, just before COVID 19 shut down Bali’s tourist industry, we decided to commence an online business to provide some income to some people on Bali through hard times.  We also made a commitment to contribute 5% of sales value to the Bali Children’s Foundation to spread the benefits of our business even further in Bali.  Up to November 22, we have contributed A$5,600 to the Foundation.

We commenced sourcing product through an exporter and towards the end of this process involved Nala to look after our interests.  On the second container consignment, we used Nala to source suppliers, and product.  All of this has been done with many emails and photos back and forth to determine which products to source.  It has been a case of hit and miss, learning from our mistakes of the first consignment.

We have just recently returned from our first visit to Bali since being able to travel overseas again post Covid.  This visit provided the opportunity to meet our artisan suppliers, see how they make some of the products, but also the chance to source new product from other suppliers Nala had not introduced us to by our walking Jl. Raya Andong over many days, the main artisan street of Ubud.  

We have just completed our orders for our fourth sea container consignment, which we hope will land in early March 2023.  We will preview some of the new products soon.

We would love feedback as to what customers think of the range we source, but also would welcome feedback as to whether there are particular products you as customers may seek us to stock or source on your behalf, even as Special Orders.

We enjoy that we can provide a range of product to customers in Australia and appreciate your support.

- Keith, Founder, Homewares Bali.